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Paradox-Resistant Time Travel

Abigail L.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a wonderful place, Tomorrowland. I’ve seen the unbelievable become reality,and there is something I have to share with you. Walt Disney, whose ideas laid the foundation for Tomorrowland, once said: "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." And man has taken that to heart in the future. The word impossible is nearly eliminated from the vernacular. Time travel is a recreational activity,believe it or not. But with a plethora of problems in its beginning. People attempted to change history.You see,if one goes back in time with specific intent,that’s been accomplished,their future self wouldn’t have reason to go back in time,resulting in a paradox, wasting energy. But time travel has potential. So much of history lost is back in our hands. But that's why scientists have developed paradox resistant time travel. History can't be stopped,but with paradox sensing technology when the traveler is put at risk they are pulled back to the safe future immediately, preventing the paradox from occurring and keeping the knowledge gained. It seems to take the fun out of times travel,but it's just the opposite,really. This allows us the exploration of mankind’s entire history.Everything lost when tragedies like the Great Fire that destroyed the Libra of Alexandria can be given back to us,in spades. Paradox resistant time travel offers mankind a whole new wealth of knowledge nobody has ever had before,it really is a marvelous thing.