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Cohen G.


What is the point in having a world where anthing is possible if people are using those endless possibilities to create weapons to harm and kill people. I'm here from the future to tell you about the world of tomorrow, and how it may not have existed without Peacebots. Peacebots are highly intelligent robots that can think for themselves, and are programmed to isolate the threat and neutralize it peacefully. Peacebots are made out of titanium and have a soft plush cover to have a less threatening look. Now unlike your "police officers" Peacebots are not equipped with violent weapons. They can release a calming vapor from small holes in their hands. The vapor subdues the threat so Peacebots can later help talk and help figure out how to fix the dispute. Now I have been told that you can speed up the creation of Peacebots by increasing schools to start robotics and continue science classes to help improve the robotics and scientists of this generation.