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Personal Expression Narrator (P.E.N.)

Billy M.


Wow, I just got back from my trip to Tomorrow Land and I was amazed at how much has changed from now to then. There were so many things to see and do, but all I keep thinking about is the one item I saw there that will change the way we communicate forever. The Personal Expression Narrator, or P.E.N for short. The P.E.N. is a writing device that breaks language barriers with ease. With all the new types of transportation in the future it will bring people to places where their native language is not spoken. People will need to communicate with one another in these new places they visit. That’s where the P.E.N comes in. Sure, the P.E.N. writes like all other pens but while you are writing in your language it changes the words to the language that you have selected on the built- in screen. This is not only handy for tourists but it has applications in all different environments such as businesses, schools, hospitals and even more. I could not find a single person who didn’t have a P.E.N.!

Within the pen there is software that contains a catalog of different languages. This software allows the translation between different languages to occur.
Did I mention how it also autocorrects your misspelling and grammatical errors?
When you use the writing function, it will indicate any errors you have made.
This is definitely not your grandma’s pen! Even though technology allows us to communicate in different ways, sometimes a hand-written note is the best.