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Personal Robots

Emma R.


The technological advances of today will bring us into the better future of tomorrow. One day (in the future), I discovered the most brilliant invention ever, personal robots. This will help make life easier for most people in the world. Having a personal robot would help solve a lot of problems that you already have but you don't always have someone there to help you. The robot has special features like a sensor that senses when their "human" is in trouble. For example, if the human is in a house fire the robot will sense it and teleport there and save them. This leads to the next feature which is that the robot can teleport. Another feature is that you can personalize the voice you want it to speak in (so it doesn’t annoy you). You can also turn off the robot whenever you want to. The last feature (probably the best feature) is that the robot’s battery never dies, so it can help you whenever you need it. This is the most brilliant idea because right now many people need help but might be so busy with other things. Therefore they might not have the time and/or someone to help them. That’s why the personal robot is the most brilliant idea ever.

By: Emma