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Photosynthesis Electricity

Noah D.


I looked all around me as my feet touched the ground and the feathery grass weaved through my bare toes. The lustrous city glimmered on the far off horizon. As I took a closer look at the grass I saw a grid-like pattern on the delicate leaves.

"Odd, isn't it?" I spun around and stared at a man dressed in titanium alloy armor; with his large helmet and gun at his hip he looked like a futuristic gladiator.

"Oh, don't be afraid," the warrior told me. "Want to know how they work?" he asked as he got down on one knee. "They produce electricity by using photosynthesis; the leaves take in carbon dioxide and sunlight and turn it into oxygen which is what we breathe."

"Do you feel the rough side of the leaf? That is what we call the energy birth garden. The leaf takes what we call the 'rough energy' and sends it to the underground processor plant and converts it from organic energy, which is unusable for cars, houses, and street lights for instance, and turns it into non-organic energy which is usable for those things. Then it sends that energy through and underground wire network to that city you see there in the distance. That is how we sustain ourselves...our energy, that is."

We can fast track the progress of this invention by infusing seedlings & plants with electricity and developing organic electric hybrid plants.