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Photosynthesizing Pets

Nicholas V.


The prospects of the future are unfathomable. So many creations and developments have changed the world as we know it today. In my mere days of experience here in the future I have been able to witness so many incredible inventions. Including one of the most unfathomable creations ever. It has taken years to develop and it is imperative to start working towards this ground-breaking development immediately. As you know, people love to have pets, as companions and assistants. However, they require an affinity of work to care for and properly nurture. By combining biological principles with engineering, engineers have been successful in breeding plant-animal hybrids. These self-sufficient pets can essentially be a mixture of any plant and mammal breed. The genetic mainframe has been successfully manipulated to create these wonderful creatures. You may wonder, why is an animal a relevant invention? As part plant, the animals can harvest the power of the sun and perform photosynthesis. Not only do they create their own food, they are infused with mechanisms that allow them to store energy that can be harvested, essentially yielding them as batteries. Any owner can use their pet as both a renewable and efficient energy source and as a lovely companion. In addition, the useful animals are well cared for with strict laws which secure their protection. This unparalleled development is a highlight of a plethora of innovations present here in Tomorrowland; work diligently and quickly to attain this key creation.