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Liza R.


The best invention we have in the future is called PIP (personal information provider). They look like little flying balls in the sky, complete with a body made of carbon fiber and multiple cameras to prevent them from crashing. PIPs protect us and help, much like your policemen, but being a policeman is dangerous, especially with our advanced weaponry. When you are born, you are assigned a PIP for life. You are given a wristband that allows your PIP to keep track of you. PIP can help you find a restaurant or can search the Internet for answers to your most pressing questions. PIPs can even communicate between each other; your PIP can contact your friend’s PIP, PIP’s display allows for FaceTime- like contact. You may be wondering how your world can speed the creation of PIP. First, work on facial recognition technology. Then, develop efficient and reliable hydrogen fuel cells; PIP requires this to power its propellers. PIP makes the future safer and more eco-friendly because once a person passes away, their PIP is refurbished and given to a newborn, additionally, PIP is an all in one device; it can do everything your personal devices can do. For all the murders that go unsolved in your time, the various PIPs prevent ten more by spotting wanted criminals using our advanced facial recognition technology. PIP is the greatest thing we have in the future; they make our lives easier, keep us safe, and help us stay connected.