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Plant Growth Supplement

Kaetlyn H.


As a “Past Peacemaker” in Tomorrowland, I research issues of the past and go back to solve these problems with the technology of the future. Recently, I have taken on the World Hunger Project of 2015. About 805 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world were suffering from hunger at the time! To end this, I worked with scientists to find a supplement that speeds up plant growth so that the food supply will increase. This supplement is a mix of auxin and cytokinins, which make plant cells elongate and induce cell division. The supplement contains these two hormones at high (but safe) levels so that cell division and plant growth increase by 75%. The supplement is injected into the soil and automatically the plant will start to grow. This supplement has provided the future with quadruple the food supply of 2015 and has helped developing countries, such as Africa and Asia, pull itself out of hunger. Since I cannot merely give the supplement to the people of the past, as it is against my job’s protocol, I can only tell you how to reach this achievement. With proper funding, environmental studies can make large amounts of these hormones, and by being aware of these hormones and beginning testing now, the supplement can be made by 2020. Hopefully, I have well-informed you of the possibilities that can be achieved now instead and I encourage the people of 2015 to reach the achievements of the future much sooner.