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Pocket Buddy

Gabrielle S.


Have you ever felt like you needed a friend, felt lonely, or just need some help or a hug? Well, in a future city know as Tomorrowland there is something found there that may solve those problems. The Pocket Buddy is a little robot that can cling onto someone's pocket or sit on their shoulder. This little 5-6 inch robot is made out of flexible metal that can expand to any height between 6 feet tall and it's original height. The metal is able to do this by heating up the particles within the robot's metal and cooling them down. The Pocket Buddy also has four chips inside of it connected to the metal. These chips can be customized and/or removed and replaced. These chips tell the Buddy to grow/shrink on the owner's word, what personality it has, enables it to talk with any accent (able to be customized), and what it looks like. These Pocket Buddies could help so many people around the world by just being there for them when no one else would. This could help people with normal everyday activities, or it could help someone who is dealing with issues in their life and just needs a friend or someone who is willing to listen. An added plus is that people can make their Pocket Buddy look like their favorite fictional character, celebrity, or animal. I mean how could someone not love a little Panda Bear or their favorite fictional character sitting on their shoulder? What's better than talking to a little buddy that makes you happy? In the future, you will always have at least one friend. This friend could never replace others, but it is there when it is needed. The Pocket Buddy.