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Polymer Water System

Gabrielle N.


I can’t wait to tell you what I saw in the future. It was an amazing water system that filters water. The water system was not made of metal pipes. It was made of a polymer that had many small pores. Inside the pores were microorganisms like bacteria that filtered the water. These good bacteria cleaned the water as it flows and destroyed bad bacteria and other pollutants in the contaminated water. They also balanced the pH of water. Green algae was also in the water system which is important because algae releases oxygen into the water. Oxygen in water is a good thing because it helps fishes and other living animals in the water to survive.
This technology is important because scientists believe that in ten years more than half the world will not have access to fresh water. This will cause a lot of problems since water is important for cooking, drinking cleaning, and bathing. Our body is mostly made up of water. If our water system does not remove these chemicals and bad bacteria we will become sick and the environment will be damaged. We need to study what kinds of microorganisms can naturally clean water. As we learn biology and the different types of organisms that live in the water we can figure out how to remove them and other pollutants. We also need to learn chemistry to see what type of chemicals are in our environment. The quality of our water is very important. If we do not take care of it and create better water treatment systems we will not have safe water and a clean environment.