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Eva T.


September, 19th, 2050

Dear Deidre

We here at New Ideas have created teleportation devices! Yesterday, at 5 o'clock P.M. We successfully teleported a used orange car from the pentagon in Washington D.C. to Japan! Now every citizen who cannot walk or drive a car can just go through the teleport to their work. The device needs some tweaking though, we were intending the car to go to a hidden location in Africa not to a restaurant in Japan. The most interesting thing is not the fact that the teleport can teleport people, it's that it is in such weird colors. We(meaning the company) all gathered around it and it turned purple when the car went through it. Then it turned red, then green, then black as it turned off(it turns off automatically).

I could go on all day about the teleport, but I have more work to do.

How is little Georgie? And how is Anna fitting in at school?


Your sister


September, 19th, 2050
Dear Sam

Today I was with my dad at a restaurant, you know I was in japan, right? Anyway, this orange car just like showed up in the middle of our table. It was so weird. Everyone screamed and suddenly this announcement on the loud speakers came up and said,"This is a car that just teleported from Washington," or something like that.

By the way, I also saw this epic sword in a museum!