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Positive Energy

Carly H.


“Oh, thank you so much!” the woman says, smiling gratefully. I hand her the grocery bags, running back to my friends.

“Let’s go!” my friend Avia says. We head to the ice skating rink around the corner. In the rink, we skate, happily spinning and laughing with each other. Going back to the benches, Avia asks, “So, what do you think about the JoyCube?”

“It’s amazing!” I exclaim, grinning. “We must be earning JoyBits by the second.”

We open our purses and grab out our JoyCubes. “I got 48 already!” My friend Emmi cheers. “My parents will be so happy.”

“Same here,” I say, tossing the small purple box in the air and grabbing it as it lands. “I got 57! This invention is amazing, I wish someone had created it earlier.”

Avia nods. “In 2015, we were so close to using up all of our fossil fuels. We should’ve thought about those consequences earlier and considered our other options while we were running out of time.”

“I can’t wait until the past catches up with us,” Emmi jokes. We all laugh, even though she’s right. Now, with the JoyCube, we’re fixing every problem that the use of fossil fuels ever made. It’s truly that simple-- every laugh, smile, or act of kindness that’s made is absorbed as energy by the JoyCube, and turned into energy that could be used to power lights, cars, and everything else.

We know that we’re changing the world, one smile at the time.