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Prodigious Communications- The ELDA-Translator

Nicole R.


Humankind of 2015

I Report to you from the future province of Zaurta 3026, regarding a future invention that has changed communication and has eliminated all language barriers. In the year of 3026, there is an invention by the name: ELDA-Translator, which allows anyone of any language to talk, and even allows us to communicate with animals. The ELDA-Translator is a small, diamond shaped chip, which is placed in a person’s ear and changes the languages that you hear depending on the setting you set. For example if someone that spoke another language were communicating with myself, then the ELDA-Translator would detect the different language and change it into my language-English. In addition the ELDA-Translator also allows for people to communicate with animals. The ELDA-Translator impacts my province of Zaurta in various beneficial ways, since it allows for our people with different backgrounds to easily converse, and understand species never thought possible to communicate with. I am contacting you, humanity of 2015, in order for you to start to fast-track this revolutionary invention. In order to do this it is essential for your people of 2015, to continue to study animal behavior and technology related to communications. The ELDA-Translator is revolutionary because it involves the studies of science and mathematics, in order to create new technology through the process of engineering. Imagine a world where you can communicate with various types of species and people, in the always-present dreams of tomorrow.

I’ll be seeing you,
Chief of Communications; Elda