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Programmable Genetic Plants

Lydia C.


Have you ever wanted chocolate furniture that is actually edible and never melts? Or a hovercraft powered by solar energy without solar panels? Well, now that this new plant exists, you can grow TVs, extra, extra, extra large pizzas and things that don’t exist!
The Programmable Genetic Plant comes with a special app and a small machine. You can use the app to change its DNA so it can grow to look like and act like anything you want. Here is how to set up the app.
First, put a seed into the machine. Next, plug the machine into the computer device you are using. Finally, download the app and open it up.
You will see a screen that has buttons saying “Make a Plant”, “Tutorials” and “Community Creations”. The tutorials button shows you videos that help you with using the app and changing the DNA. The community creations button will take you to a list of creations that other users have made. you can download them to edit and grow for yourself. But, the main button is the “Make a Plant” button. It allows you to make your own creation that you can put in the list of community creations.
Once you are finished, the machine will transfer your design into real DNA and put it into the seed. Now all you have to do is water it and let it grow! That is why anything is possible with the Programmable Genetic Plant!