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Programmable Matter The Future of Everything

Alexander N.


Do you remember in science class when you read about matter and how everything is made out of it? Well in the future there is programmable matter (PM). This invention has revolutionized the world. PM can do anything, turn into anything, anywhere, and at any time. Open to everyone to use with certain restrictions for the public. For the public they wouldn’t be able to create things that are dangerous, money, precious gems, metals, and bring bad people back from the dead. Also if anyone is doing something bad with it then the company can shut it down remotely. The PM would come with a headband that will read your mind and then the PM will turn into what you thought. But that is not the most amazing thing it can do. This invention is revolutionizing the medical field. It will cure diseases that we thought were incurable, and is even creating real arms or legs that look the same as the rest of the body and are 100% natural and functional which will be a major benefit to our military veterans. But the most amazing thing I’ve seen this invention do is bring back people from the dead. I mean its bringing people back to life like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and even lost family members. I bet your thinking “We don’t have enough space on our planet for all these people.” All you need to do is use your imagination.