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Project Free

Azylin C.


The one thing humans haven't been able to do, by themselves (without help from machines) since the dawn of time is fly. Plus, hundreds of lives are lost to plane crashes each year. If you watch a bird land on a tree branch, it might land on the weakest branch in the whole tree, but it won't be afraid, why exactly? Because it has its own wings to rely on. So this is why I would love to introduce you, to Project Free. If each individual had his or her own pair of wings it could save lives, and reduce heartache in many families. I know it sounds a bit complex, and almost impossible, but it could be done. Each pair of wings would have synthetic skin material, bone structure and most importantly, a synthetic nervous system to connect to our own so we could control them as easy as we can move an arm or a leg. Each pair would also feature a custom length and width to suit each individual's own body type, weight and height.