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Project PAE: Pollutants As Energy, by Rachel S.

rachel s.


Dear Jackie,

Adam here, all the way from 2726! Today’s mission in Project PAE, Pollutants As Energy, was incredible. I traveled all the way to Chile, where people have been devastated by an earthquake. As I flew down South America at 700 mph, I thought about how amazing it is that I can both help the environment AND help people in need. You know, each AirPAE sucks in polluted air, separates the pollutants to convert into energy, and releases the clean air back into the atmosphere. How pollutants are converted works under a similar idea to photosynthesis—each pollutant has their atomic structure rearranged into forms that can be broken down into energy. And being able to deliver supplies to people in need was great.

My friend Shultz, who remote pilots a SeaPAE in the Atlantic Ocean, told me about a mission he had where he de-polluted 3,000 gallons of water and scooped up 60 pounds of trash in one day. SeaPAEs suck in water instead of air and they’re remote piloted.

Hope things are well in the 21st century!


Dear Adam,

It’s amazing you get to do that for people! I wish Project PAE had been going on when I visited the future! However, I’m a little confused. What if there are no pollutants in an area you’re going through?


Dear Jackie,

If there are no pollutants to convert into energy, a backup battery activates. That’s what we’re aiming for—having no pollution left in the world!