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Projecting Virtual People

Anna H.


Virtual reality used to be seen as a nearly-impossible form of entertainment. But here it does so much more, it saves lives on a daily basis.
Once the Cloud is used, objects can be projected onto semi-transparent screens. When you have an idea, but not materials to make it tangible, you can present it to your friends/coworkers for free.
Global warming caused bad air and unpredictable weather. Projecting people with the Cloud would allow you to visit friends and faraway family without spending money on airplane tickets and gas, reducing fossil fuel use.
If the air was too dangerous, or heat was too much for older and younger residents, than projecting oneself to school or a business meeting would be the best option. Travel is instantaneous.
It is adding jobs to many companies where people who live in isolated places could visit and work across the country! It allows children to learn science and history by ‘visiting’ natural and historical places and express themselves on a digital canvas.
Society could help fast track projecting people by prioritizing virtual reality on the national agenda as well as with larger companies. By introducing new ideas to bigger companies, we can build models with the technology we have. It is possible to create this in this past world, but it hasn’t been focused on.
This isn’t just a tool for convenience, either. With dangerous conditions or severe weather outside of our shelters, it could save lives.