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Quantum Computing

Maria V.


When I visited the future, I saw some pretty incredible things. One technology my tour guide showed me, however, really fascinated me. This was computers, and the fact that in the future, they no longer used silicon.
Upon seeing my confusion concerning this matter, my tour guide proceeded to explain to me that the previous use of silicon was a reliable source. That is, of course, until we reached the point where the chips were so powerful that they generated enough heat to melt themselves. This was, as you have probably already gathered, a pretty major problem. Because of this, the primary component used in computing was switched to individual atoms. This technology, known as quantum computing, is based on computing at an atomic level.
“You see,” he said, “silicon computers used “bits” with the numbers 0 and 1 to represent one of two states of individual pieces of data, like up and down. It combined these individual results to form a solution. Atoms, however, can essentially spin up and down at the same time. This allows for different states in between up and down, like 60% up and 40% down, therefore allowing atoms to carry more information.”
This new form of computing allows for many of the amazing technologies the current generation will invent in the future, such as advanced prostheses, microscopic computers that destroy individual cancer cells, and many other amazing inventions. That is, if we choose to continue to innovate and change the future. Do you?