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Quantum Knowledge Chip

Sharif M.


The Quantum Knowledge chip is a transformational technology and will enhance society. We’ve spent many juvenile years learning basic education such as math calculations, vocabulary words, and translations. All this information can be given to children of the next generation in just a few minutes. By putting on a helmet that contains the chip, it will measure the brain waves coming from the cerebral cortex. Then by using quantum mechanics, we can calculate the waves received and return waves to the brain that contain the information. The person wearing the helmet will have extensive knowledge about multiple languages, access to encyclopedia databases, and the functions of a calculator soon after. With this knowledge, the years required for a proper education can drop significantly and instead, students will begin their education at a high school level. This invention, if the government chooses to use it as a federal requirement, will strengthen education and create a society where everyone has the potential to take more classes. This will result in having more free time to learn more. Overall, the USA will have a head start above other countries with better education. It is the most important factor to having a civilized society. Education provides for a powerful economy, better technology that improves everyday life, and faith in humanity will be restored. If education was thought of as more important during the 21st century and with the advent use of this technology, life would’ve been more productive.