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Rebuilding Cities

Thomas (TJ) W.


One of the biggest problems of today’s modern society is war. War pits us against one another and destroys the things that we are most proud of. War is inevitable, but how can we fix the issue of towns, cities and countries being destroyed while governments attack each other.
The solution is remembrium. Remembrium is a type of metal that when it is set, it never totally loses its shape. What it does is it remembers its shape and if necessary regenerates parts. For instance, if a tower was made of remembrium and was struck by an RPG then the part that was hit would be destroyed, and the parts that were left would regenerate remembrium in the same exact place and way that it was before. The remembrium would require three major parts. It would need to be hard as titanium, be able to regenerate like a lizard’s tail and be able to remember its original shape.
The only requirement that is not already being used is regeneration. All that you would need to is isolate the formula that lizards or starfish use when they regenerate a body part, and apply that to the remembrium. Each building would need its own motherboard to remember the shape.
This would be useful so that when a city would get attacked, in a few weeks everything would be back to the way that they were before. This could even prevent some war, because the countries would have nothing to gain.