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Robotic Blue whales

Josiah M.


I'm reporting back from the future and in the ocean there are robotic Blue whales,and here's what they do. They have tools inside of their fins so they can fix broken oil pipes and have a welding torch to seal up the cracks. To get inside of the Blue whale there is a slide door in the mouth to get inside. Underneath the fins there are tubes that spray out water to make it go faster. Inside there are 3,000 chairs to fit people from ship wreaks inside of it. It is voice controlled,it has air tanks and when it needs more air it sucks air in through its blow hole. It has a second blow hole to suck in oil and it connects onto a tube that fills tanks inside the Blue whale. When these tanks are full the oil is transferred to the oil collection sites. It also has tubes on the top of it's fins to suck in oil soaked birds and takes them into a tube and cleans them. The humans that came from a ship wreck used the GPS built into the Blue whale to get them to a location where there ship was suppose to take them. It has a first aid kit, medical droids that use the kit to perform surgery for injured ship wrecked people. It has food and water, bathrooms and can swim to the bottom of the ocean. It plays soothing music for the ship wrecked people. It has dry clothes for them and it has machines that can fix broken phones. It has droids that comfort the people who lost someone important to them in the ship wreck. It has Bibles on board so that people can worship God. It has showers in the bathrooms so if the people were in cold water they can warm up. This is the Robotic Blue Whale.