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Robotic Wings

Tatum G.


First for my robotic wings you have to make a curved shape feather and connect it to many other feathers and a rim for the top. Then you have surgery to Stich up the wings on you back. But before you Stich it up you have to connect the brain cords and the veins and muscles and other human body stuff to the tip of the wings that it connected to your back and then you can Stich it up. You can add any design on the robotic wings. To make the wings you need a strong rubbery plastic to bend and flap and not have very much weight on the person's body. Then for the feathers make a light weight object into a bird like feather and to add design use a light paint or a plastic color
Paper to add into the feather. You can make any design and make any type of wing form and do the same for the other side. This was my idea for this...>.<