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Robots by: Carolyn

Carolyn K.


When I came back from the future, I told everyone what I had seen--I had seen one of the most incredible things: gigantic robots controlled by the mind. These robots were designed to be very reliable and to help with construction, all through electronic headbands that transmit brain waves that you give off and those brain waves tell the robot what to do. These robots could imitate anything you did: if you walked forward, the robot would walk forward also. If you moved backward, the robot moved backward. If you made the motion to pick something up, bending down then reaching, the robot would do the same and could pick up large heavy items, such as beams, that people could not lift otherwise. With these robots, buildings could be built in less time than they could before. They could build the frames for a building more sturdily, while cutting the work-time in half. Also, they were able to put down cement and lay bricks for a building. One robot could do the work of ten men, so many buildings would be constructed more safely and more efficiently. Construction robots helped to keep people in work sites safe from danger and helped speed up construction. I could not wait for the future to come because I had seen something so extraordinary.