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Robots Of The Future

Krystal H.


Hi I'm Krystal from the future I'm here to tell you about robots in the future so lets get started. One of the robots should babysit it would help the parents alot. there should also be a medical robot it could do anything that involves medical work like can find you asap when your in a car accident there should be a cooking robot just incase your not a cooking person or you dont know how to cook something but really want to try and it could read cooking ingredients to you so you don't go back and fourth.Their are many diffrent robots in the future like babysit medical and a cooking robot. Oh and there should be a robot that could do anything like play or exersise with you or even help clean your room. so as you can see their are many diffrent robots in the future there could be alot more but these are the only ones I could think of . so now you know the three robots I hope are in the future have an awsome future day