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S.P.M.R – The future of roads

Rachel S.


I just traveled back from the future, and I saw lots of cool futuristic ideas. I also noticed that the cars and roads (called S.P.M.R for Solar Powered Moveable Roads) were very different from the roads in 2015. Instead of moveable cars and still roads, there are moveable roads and the people in the cars just get to sit back and relax. The only place where there aren’t any moveable roads are on parking lots.

The roads are also solar powered, which helps the environment as long as the animals don’t try to cross them. You just back out of your driveway and onto the street, then make sure you’re going where you want to go. I know you might think about how complicated turns might be. But they’re not really that complicated at all. If you’re on the right side and you want to turn to the left side, you simply turn onto the left side and keep going. It also prevents accidents from happening because all the cars stay in one place and are forced to go the same speed as the car in front of them and behind them.

This is the future of roads and streets. It sure helps us be safe.