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Self-adjustable Clothes

Kayla H.


I had entered a colorful store when I first arrived. After exploring the city a bit, I realized that was the only clothing store there. It was pretty big, but it still confused me as to why you would only have one store. What about all the different brands, sizes, etc.? Anyways, as I entered, I noticed a very colorful section of girls clothes. Sifting through it quickly, I saw that it had all the same sizes. Now in the past, I remembered how girls clothes usually had multiple sizes on one rack.

Grabbing the nearest workers attention, I said to her, “If you don’t mind me asking, how come these are all the same sizes?” She gave me a weird look before answering.

“They’re self adjustable. The whole purpose is to make it easier for customers who usually came in to buy a new size once they grew out of it. It also helped expand the store so we have more room.” I smiled and thanked her for her help before exiting the store. After further research I soon learned that the clothes adjust do to a certain material that senses the areas in which the clothes need to be adjusted, whether it be too big or small. Thanks to this product, there could be less clothing store that hold more clothes, and people aren’t having to worry whether or not there clothes wouldn’t fit.