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Solar Extractor Plant Grower

Micheal C.


Hi my name is Micheal and this is my story for my invention. In the future and in our present day, the world relies on technology for many reasons. One thing about the future that I know will be a concern to all the world is food, and the continuing of plant life to help everyone sustain life as we know it. This day in age we get our energy from solar power, we use it in our home, school, and basically to our daily life. Plants feed off the solar energy to grow, my idea is to have a machine that holds soil an a growing plant or seed, and solar panels extract solar energy and then use the energy under the soil an all around the plant to make the plant grow five to ten times faster. Trees grow to massive heights taking thousands of years, but this machine could make it grow no longer than a year. This could feed people all over the world with plants or trees that produce food, people who are starving and people who need it the most. Farmers can also help with the growing process as they do today. We can use the water from the sea to grow the plants, and we do not have to use our fresh drinking water. For this invention I hope that this can help the future of sustaining plant and human life for all.