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Spectacle Identifier Device

Esther S.


Hello, I came from the future to tell you about an invention that has changed the world. It is a pair of glasses that not only lets you see things clearer, it tells you exactly what you are looking at by nature, instantly! These glasses are called an S.I.D. (spectacle identifier device) and everyone in my time has their own pair.

When you see something, the name of the object is shown on the screen along with brief background information and even some images are shown on the front. They look like glasses in your time, but they are much more efficient to wear. On the inside, it looks like only a teeny-tiny chip, it is actually a computer that has every photo, fingerprint, audio sample, and/or any other method to classify an object. S.I.D. collects this information from any electric device from a high-schooler's cell to a computer in a classified lab on the other side of the world.

It is truly amazing that it can identify anything from a bologna sandwich to the name of a person who sells hot dogs in the park and everything in between. You can even ask a question about an object you see. That feature is very useful, for example: you see a great picture that could go well with your project, just ask S.I.D ‘who took this picture?’ and a whole history of the photo and the person who took it pops up on the lenses.

This tool has changed the way of human life because now you can know more about the world around you. You will be more informed about how things work and why they’re caused. You will recognize things for what they are and not a random guess from your own knowledge. But now that I have this wonderful invention explained, I must return to my home in tomorrow, where anything is possible.