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Katrina K.


Hi, I’m Katrina. People need about 7-10 hours of sleep to be fully productive, depending on the person. Sometimes they don't have time to sleep that long because they're too busy. In the future, I was told this was invented in 2032, but why not sooner? We could invent it now!
First, I should explain the stages of sleep. Sleep happens in a cycle that repeats itself every 90 minutes. NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) is made up of 4 stages, then comes REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Stage 1 of NREM: you are half asleep and when you're in a light sleep. Stage 2: your body temperature drops, your heartbeat and breathing are regular, and when you disengage from your surroundings. Stages 3 and 4: muscles relax, breathing slows, muscle blood supply increases, blood pressure drops, tissue growth/repairs happen, and energy is restored. After 90 minutes, REM occurs. REM: energy is provided to brain/body, daytime performance supported, your eyes dart back and forth, brain is active and dreams take place, and the body becomes relaxed, as muscles are turned off, and you’re in a deep sleep.
Speed-sleeper comes in a pair of earbuds. They send signals through your brain, and when you sleep, within 2 minutes you are in a deep sleep. NREM is 75% of your sleep time. The speed-sleeper cuts ⅔ of NREM time off by speeding it up. Your average nine hour sleep becomes a 4 ½ hour sleep, and you still get full energy!