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Steam and Electromagnetic Cars

Arantxa S.


Earth’s community of the past,

I am reporting to you from the near future where many amazing inventions and discoveries have been made. Amongst those, science has wound up a new way to power cars: steam. Like most past cars, this car contains an electromagnetic engine where both magnetic fields and electric fields are used to power the car. But unlike the past, this car uses heat and water to be powered. Water is poured where gas used to be. The electromagnetic engine is powered and creates the heat that turns the water into steam. The steam is filtered into many passageways where it is used for multiple purposes, including motion and control.

This new car has improved the environment that we live in today. The lack of gas prevents pollution, which then decreases the amount of greenhouse gases that create climate change. The burning of fossil fuels for cars no longer exists in the future, and gasoline and diesel seize to be used. In your year, the path to building this invention can be quickened with experimentation with electromagnetic engines and steam. The engines are powered with electricity, like advanced cars in your decade. But combining the use of steam and electromagnetic fields fast tracks to the years of the climate change seizing. I do believe that this invention can change your future completely.