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This new invention is a personal assistant robot that is in the form of a medium sized pink ball.
This cute and helpful personal assistant is named Cat. Cat is incredibly smart, Cat can process any task immediately and can do really cool stuff. Cat can do time travel, speak in many different languages, Cat can also transport you to any given place at any given time. Cat is pretty much good at everything, Cat will make life so much easier. So how it works, this mini personal assistant robot does anything you tell it to do. All that you have to do is tell it what to do and why, and it does it. You can NEVER loose Cat because Cat becomes attached to you, Cat is always with you. cat can also transform into air and become invisible, so even if you don’t need Cat at the moment, he is still there to talk to you or just be your friend.
So Cats appearance is really cute! Cats original form is in a medium sized ball, Cat is about the size of a softball, and is colored light pink and is easy to use. Cat also can shape shift himself into anything.
People of 2015 can help fast-track this invention by creating cooler, faster, better robots, or work some more on teleportation, or even on timetravel.