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Sterilization Spray For Your Hands

Noah T.


When I came back from Tomorrowland the first thing I did was get a hamburger. However when I sat down to sink my teeth into some juicy beef I was disappointed. Nobody has any 'Sterilization Spray' around here. 'Sterilization Spray' is the sole reason the common cold has decreased in Tomorrowland. It's a simple product that is sprayed onto your hands to make them safe before eating. Restaurants learned it was rare for costumers to wash their hands before eating so they left a vial of the spray at every table. After applying it to your hands you don't feel any different and can enjoy a meal without worrying about having germs on your hands. Doctors felt it worked so well that before a surgery they would apply the 'Sterilization Spray' to their hands. Not only could the doctors use their sense of touch better during an operation but trash decreased in the operation room because gloves weren't being thrown away. I hope the idea of 'Sterilization Spray' arrives here soon or else disease might threaten our existence.