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Stretchy Shoes: Shoeing away poverty since 2029

Katrina H.


Have your feet ever grown too big for your favorite pair of shoes? Never again with Stretchy Shoes which stretch to your size of foot! They come in a variety of shapes and colors.
These shoes use a revolutionary material that reforms itself in many shapes and sizes with just the push of a button. This material forms itself to protect the arch of the foot. It is durable and can adjust itself perfectly to every foot size and shape. The basic form is very inexpensive. Shoes like this don't cause parents to have the constant stress of buying new shoes for kid's growing feet. They won’t need to be thrown out, which creates less trash in landfills! We only wish chemistry labs had discovered the formula sooner!

Setting: Indonesia 2030. Ten year old Anna picked up the jug filled with river water and balanced it on her head for the journey home. Her bare feet hurt from walking.
Later, a woman named Caroline handed Anna a beautiful pair of shoes.
“Thank you! Thank you!” rejoiced Anna. "I have never had shoes. I didn’t know shoes had buttons on them! Do they activate a jet pack?”
Caroline smiled. “Sorry, no. They adjust to your foot to make it your size.”
“That’s amazing! Do they get holes easily?”
“No. They should last you a lifetime."
“Who gave me this wonderful gift?”
“Every time someone buys a pair, a donation is made. They are called Stretchy Shoes!"