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Sunlight to Sugar

Davy H.


Reporting back from the future, many ideas here are very creative. Many are important and many are minor. This invention was revolutionizing. If you had a tree, you had food. If you have a certain, you never need to buy food again. It took in leafs and other items like algae. It extracted the chlorophyll and sent it through a slow moving conveyor belt outside. The conveyor belt would expose the chlorophyll to the sunlight for just long enough to get the most out of each chlorophyll. The casing around the conveyor belt was glass so that the chlorophyll could absorb sunlight and turn it into sugar. It would extract the sugar from the chlorophyll and dump it into a tank. They normally had a low-powered vacuum that was triggered by these strange ripening sensors on the tree. That was at the entrance to the machine. When some leaves were almost ready to fall, it would take those and use those to get the sugar. If trees can survive on that, why can’t we? You can accelerate our technology toward this by making more precise instruments that can extract molecules and atoms. You can also make some low-powered vacuums that will slowly get the leaves once they are ready and be able to move around by motors. You also will have to invent the ripening sensors that will be near the leaves and have things that can message the vacuum when it is ripe to come to that area.