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Synapse Robots

Alysa G.


The new Synapse Nanobots are truly some of the most amazing inventions of this time. These mini robots repair the synapses in the brain, making people have more skills than ever before. These robots are only the width of 10 atoms, making them able to easily flow through the human body. The synapses that they repair are what gives humans their skills, but as humans don’t use certain skills the synapses die off. With this technology, anyone will be able to have skills such as writing or even excellent hand-eye coordination. Even though there are Nanobots being developed in your time, they do not do the same tasks as the Synapse Nanobots. They are supposed to repair you when the Synapse Nanobots make you better.
These Nanobots are injected into you as a baby and sense when the synapses are dying. They then go to said synapses and repair them before they can break completely. This is how they work so well. These devices help make the world a better place as it helps people to be better at their jobs and at skills needed (ex: hand-eye coordination, public speaking, manners, etc. ). The people in your time need to invent this. You can help invent it sooner by creating working Nanobots and finding out more about the synapses in the brain. Now, thank you for your time and I hope you can help make these amazing machines.
~Alysa, 2097