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T: A News Article to the Past

Leo Y.


Of all the advancements we have made over the last two centuries, “T” is by far the most remarkable.

T has compiled billions of bits of medical data over hundreds of years: every scan, every blood test, every prescription, every surgery for every human being. This machine knows everything from the DNA sequencing of liver cancer to the treatment for last year’s common cold.

T has taken all of this information to create a simulation of the human body. Every process—breathing, circulation, vision, digestion—T has recreated them all. Just as an old-fashioned flight simulator taught pilots about how an airplane worked, T teaches physicians and scientists about how the body works.

How? Decades of investing in supercomputing, epidemiology, biotechnology, databases full of medical information, and hundreds of small inventions all add up to T.

And so, T is the ultimate doctor. T can analyze your symptoms, run multiple scenarios at once, create a diagnosis, and offer a prescription. A new type of pneumonia, a new branch of infection—T can cure them all.

Because its knowledge of the past, T can predict the future. T knows what will happen if a cold goes untreated for 10 days, or if a cut gets infected.

Around the world, T is saving lives. It will cure anything, and help anyone. T is the world’s greatest machine. Ever.