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Talking water

Emelina L.


When I was in tomorrowland I saw taking water. I asked what his name was. "It's Fred," said Fred.
Fred shouted, "if you drink me I won't talk!" But I was so very thirsty. It was the hottest day of the year.
I was confused, I thought I was supposed to drink water. So I said to Fred, "Hey! I thought you were supposed to drink water!" Fred said, "Not talking water!"
Talking water also tells you about the good healthy effects of drinking water. It was invented by accident. Fred explained that all water in tomorrowland can talk. But right outside of tomorrowland there is non-talking water. I told Fred tat he was crazy. So I decided to drink Fred. And then you know what Fred said?
Nothing....because I drank him. Thanks Fred.