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Techno Glasses

Kayla U.


Have you ever had to work but had to leave right then? Have you had to go somewhere too? There finally is a way. The new Techno Eye Glasses let you work, go on the internet and download anything you want onto your portable computer glasses. With these glasses, there is a button on the arm of the glasses to hide your computer screen when you need to see where you are going or who you are talking to. Press the button again to make the screen pop back up. When you fold the glasses arms to put away the glasses, the computer automatically shuts off. It comes with a belt buckle that has a projector keyboard in it. When you press on the belt buckle the keyboard projects itself so you can use it with your Techno Glasses. These glasses come in many styles and colors and come in different sizes to fit you as best they can. With the techno glasses not only can you go on the web ,you can call and text with a blue tooth Techno Ear Piece that you can get in multiple colors to match your glasses as well. And a new feature in the Techno Technology line, you are able to get multiple patterns printed onto your Techno devices! We are also going green by using more solar power and less oil power. So get your Techno Gear today!