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Xander P.


Kali walks down the dusty road to the nearest Tele-Station and in moments she is transported to her first science class at the Cal Academy for talented young women.
Moments after the tsunami hits, Dr. Carter, a trauma specialist, rushes to the Tele-Station and is sent instantly to the disaster. He starts helping the wounded within a few moments, saving lives that may have been lost in the hours it would have taken to fly by jet.
Today in class we are going to Antarctica, isn’t that just the coolest! We get to see penguins in their natural habitat and then go to the South Pole; I bet my grandparents would have loved to be able to do this when they were in 8th grade!
In Tomorrowland, we have a way to transport physical objects across Earth very quickly. By breaking down and re-assembling atoms within an object, we can teleport in an instant. We can send objects or even people around the planet with an infinite amount of benefits. Children can attend any school they wish to while adults work wherever they want without moving from their home. The best doctors and medicine are sent to the injured or sick almost instantly, decreasing pain on our planet. Supplies are easily transported to remote areas or natural disaster sites helping in exploration and post-disaster clean up. Tele-Stations encourage adventure and education by allowing travel anywhere on the planet.