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Telegraphic television

Rafael M.


The telegraphic television is a huge clear screen that can show a holographical desplay. The hologram can be projected from your own phone as a new way to see an image instead of 2D. This invention can also benefit a lot of jobs out there, including animators, as a way to view an image differently and it can really help shape those characters a lot faster and easier making the process alot faster. This holographical display can also benefit engineers, making 3D dimension images that can really show how it would really look like before actually building the building, house, car or whatever it may be. But that's only some of the few things this invention can do, the hologram can be used only with the clear touch screen display, as a way of getting information without using the screen of a small physical phone or tablet. With brightness as well as a large angle view and can revolutionize entertainment, as in playing games, tv and movies!. Also including a mind transmitter connected directly to the hologram screen locating your thoughts going on in your head, this can come in handy as an artist sometimes when you have an idea in your head but can't quite draw it on your paper, the mind transmitter, transmittes your thoughts into the hologram making your imagination a reality, with endless possibilities the hologram has many cool and new features that can help in so many ways and not just physically but mentally too the hologram has the power to change the world in a great and posative way.