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Regan H.


Hello?If anyone is reading this please keep it to yourself.....I think this could revolutionize and protect our land!Think sunglasses that could act a BIG part in our community!These sunglasses can collect data on someone or multiple people.Even the whole city!!!The eye protectors also can detect terrorist, now we are safe from attacks!It also has a bluetooth installed inside so once you find a bad guy you can call backup right away!!They sense HUMONGUS disasters hours before they happen,also it gives an estimation close to how much time you have to prepare.All of this is hidden! Only you can see the information, it's all in the inside of the lenses!It comes with a flash drive so you can download it to your computer.What if they get stolen can't they see the info???NOPE!!! The arms silently scan to the head to see if it's the real owner, if not then they act as regular sunglasses!!!This invention could help us with safety and no more attacks!Oh I hear The (kid) President calling have to go!!!