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The 2XS

Jazmin M.


It was the year 2100 when a new hope arose for paraplegics and quadriplegics everywhere. I came back so that the scientists of 2015 could make the 2XS come sooner. The 2XS or "2nd eXoSkeleton" is a body unit worn by people who have become unable to use their limbs at their own free will. Now in 2015, bigger, bulkier models of exoskeletons are being created, however the 2XS is the lightest, most advanced piece ever created! It allows the wearer to function like that of a normal person and allows them to have full mobility of their bodies. Not to mention this "super suit" actually enables the wearer to feel things they touch. Paraplegics and quadriplegics cannot sense their limbs nor can they feel things that they come into contact with, however the 2XS has made it possible for these people to hold and feel their newborns, drive cars, or even do something as simple as bathing themselves. Wheelchairs and nurses become obsolete as the 2XS changes the lives of thousands of people world wide. By implanting a microchip in the brain's primary motor cortex, the user can control the 2XS solely through blue-tooth. We can make this brilliant, life-altering invention equal to that of the 2100 model in today's laboratories by studying the brain more in depth and creating more durable technology that connects to the body in no way that's ever been done before. If the scientists of today work hard to uncover the secrets of human functions and how they correlate to that of actual technology, then there is no doubt in my mind that we can make the 2100 2XS - or even surpass its greatness!