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Maya V.


Way beyond the world we inhabit, exists one where anything is possible. This world has excelled at knowledge and technology that we haven't even thought of yet. This world, is Tomorrowland. Fortune was what I had, to go check out this realm, and what I observed was extraordinary. One of the most brilliant inventions there can save mankind, for it did them justice.
It was mid-winter, yet plants and trees were growing. Confused of what my very own eyes were showing me, I questioned a woman passing by. She kindly explained to me that four decades ago when food was scarce and mankind was on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, scientists and innovators discovered a way to alter a plant's genetic code. By doing this, food-producing plants could now adapt to any environment and exist year after year. This revolutionary breakthrough saved the human race from it's end. Since then, this world has depended on this invention as their lifeline. These plants flourish, and will never face extinction so long as humans are able to genetically design these plants.
This innovation has shaped the futuristic world of Tomorrowland to be efficient and long-lasting. Who's to say that it cant shape ours?