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the Angel Project

Corey W.


There’s a small cabin on the outskirts of our small town. Nobody dares go near it because it was a place that was condemned because of the strange disappearances that happened in that area. I was told that it’s some sort of a doorway through time, a warp zone or something. I went inside the cabin for some reason, as if something was compelling me to go inside. When I went through the house it seemed much bigger on the inside than on the outside. As soon as I passed through the back door I couldn’t see much because the sun was in my eyes; however, I could tell that the air was much cleaner. I saw a city in the distance, about the same place as the old town that I lived in. The most fascinating thing there was a jacket that produced a pair of wings capable of giving humans flight. I watched in awe as they were able to soar like the hawks and falcons that flew above the fields. I asked one of the townsfolk of how the wings were able to move in such a way as a bird would, and he told me that it was made just like a bird’s wing. It consisted of a light weight skeleton frame, made of a hard plastic material. The outer “skin” was a flexible fabric made of carbon fiber; and its most amazing feature was a material that functioned just like muscles.