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The Bastion of Humanity: The Star Cradle

Ben H.


There are and will be a lot of new things to come in the future but none will be as audacious as the one I am here to tell you about, The Star Cradle. The Star Cradle is a massive structure in space that forms a sort of large spherical hollowed out cage with room to fit the sun in the center as that is relative to it's purpose, the creation of stars. Scientists argue when our sun will die but they never argue about if it will die or not, they also argue saying that we will never be able to reach other systems capable of sustaining life but that's what the Star Cradle is for. The Cradle is a facility that creates a large but concentrated gravitational pull in the center. When you add gas to the mix the gas gets pulled into the gravity field and becomes compact and heated to extreme temperatures and thus creating a star. The purpose of the Cradle is to create these stars out of gas clouds to provide heat and energy needed to colonize another system like ours. We would need to completely reinvent modern construction techniques and engineering to achieve a structure of such size and we would not only need to be able to create gravity but create so much of it that it could compact gasses into a ball of flame. This revolutionary invention would not cradle just stars, but the future of humanity itself.