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The Brain Buddy

Amber W.


Imagine a student walks into math class for what feels like the millionth time. They sit down in their desk and prepare themselves for another despairing lesson. Imagine a person, one pound short of their weight loss goal, walking up to a treadmill gloomily, already dreading their workout, before it begins. After traveling to the future I discovered that all these problems have been solved with one miraculous device, called the Brain Buddy. The Brain Buddy is a headband someone wears while doing something they usually would not enjoy. While wearing it the Brain Buddy studies your brain waves and the level of endorphins your body is releasing. If that level is too low for a person to be happy the Brain Buddy instructs the brain to release more enpordhins, causing the person to enjoy the activity they are doing.
The Brain Buddy currently does not, however with more research it may be possible soon. Using science skills to map out the wavelength of brain waves of a happy person, programming to determine if a person is happy or not through brain waves can become possible. Other skills to make the Brain Buddy possible are, technological skills to create the software, engineering skills to find a material to cover the machinery, that’s soft and bends to fit around someones head, art skills to make it appealing to the eye, and math skills to calculate the amount of stimulant that needs to be released to create happy brain waves in people.