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The Brainwave Enhancer

Lucas B.


The multitudes of wonderful inventions… So many, and most of them originated from one invention… one that continues the production of inventions in the future evermore, spewing out throngs of new inventions every day. It is the brainwave enhancer.
The brainwave enhancer does as it states, enhancing brainwaves. While attached to the contraption, the brain waves coming from the cerebral cortex in the brain are monitored by electrodes in the brainwave enhancer, which sense the electrical changes in the extra-cellular fluid of the brain, and the brainwave enhancer determines the safest possible amplitude and frequency the brain waves can be enhanced to, and enhances them to that level.
After the brain waves are enhanced, the person equipped with the device’s thoughts come at exponentially faster rates, and have much more meaning and strength. This ultimately causes that person equipped to the device to see an entire new realm of possibility. New inventions, solutions to world problems, all of these buried possibilities, revealing them to humans again.
While visiting in the future, I saw this wonderful invention as the pinnacle of creativity… the inventions as a result of this invention solving all of the world’s problems, one at a time. This invention, that if it were to never have been created, the future would have been lost in the dust… obliterated. There was so much to take in... so many astonishing wonders, all thanks to the brainwave enhancer, if only I knew it could be real here, today, now...