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The BTR: Blackhole Trash Reducer

Anthony K.


No one thought about garbage. Not until the world was enveloped in overflowing wastelands. Trash was literally flowing out of house windows and through the streets like a river. Garbage overfilled countries, enough that borders could no longer be determined. Diseases spread contagiously, and there seemed to be no solution to this global pandemic.
It soon became clear that Mother Earth couldn’t provide a home to 11 billion people, while its backyard was overflowing with trash. It was only then that a desperate group of scientists known as the Compaction created the ultimate high-tech trash can: the Blackhole Trash Reducer(BTR), a miniature particle accelerator that creates a tiny contained black hole to absorb trash matter.
This innovation creates a tiny blackhole by crashing two protons together at extremely high velocity. Then, the blackhole gathers waste matter until it reaches the size of a baseball. Then immediately, the blackhole is attracted to a containment chamber within the device that causes the blackhole and the waste inside to dissipate.
Because of these innovative scientists and their revolutionary invention, the BTR, the future is a pristine and lush environment for both humans and animals alike. No longer are the oceans plagued by floating patches of plastic waste. Landfills are a distant and rejected memory. Infectious disease transmission rates are at an all-time low. These scientists found a way to undo the damage that the human race has caused and restore Earth to its early and golden stages.