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The Cerebrum

Ethan R.


As we are all aware, the present is shaped by the past. But more specifically, the present is shaped by past inventors, innovators, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. We often say that past innovators were “ahead of their time” or “limited by their technology”. What if you could save their mind, like a time-capsule, and reference it years later, after the person has died? I have visited the future, and in the future, that device exists, and is referred to as The Cerebrum, which is Latin for brain. This device stores the conscious mind of a person, and they are able to, in essence, live in the software, and communicate with us through a computer. The Cerebrum is also able to decipher the complicated code of the human brain, something that had previously never been done. The brain uses electrochemical activity to coordinate its consciousness, so The Cerebrum analyzes the composition of the chemicals released by the brain, along with the electrical charge. This information helps The Cerebrum format the message that the person is trying to send. If we had this technology years ago, we could have saved Einstein, Tesla, Edison, and countless others who could have advanced society long after they passed away. I learned from the future that freezing a brain is harmful; valuable information is lost while the brain contracts. To prepare for this invention, the world today can save the brains of any innovators that have the potential to help our society in the future.